Theme Ontology

Contains 2964 well defined literary themes arranged in a hierarchy. The hierarchy is a tree-like graph, a directed acyclic graph, or a taxonomy - with extra features, i.e., an ontology. Each theme is defined with an average of 64 words. The definitions lay out necessary and sufficient conditions for when a theme is present in a story.

There are 4101 annotated stories, normally defined with a reference to Wikipedia. Each story has been associated with an average of 13 themes. Each theme designation has been weighted according to it's importance to the story as "minor", "major", or "choice", and provided with a concise motivation. The average motivation is 16 words, with the longest 10% being 29 or more.

Search the stories, search the themes, or go to the github» repository for more information. Download, explore, and analyze data with the R package stoRy.